There are many types of fleets and therefore many different needs or expectations about how detailed and in what format the recorded data should be. The MESH Tracks app comes with default settings that we think can fit many types of fleets but offers the ability to edit all the settings that can fit any kind of fleet type. Either you need recordings to be more detailed, or you need to record only at certain times, need PIN protection, or you want to record only drives that exceed some speed limit or just walking, MESH Tracks can cover all these requirements and a lot more.

All this is great, but, let's say you need to set it on each Android device individually. This is not very user-friendly if you have a big fleet. To help you with setting up your whole fleet easily you can set App settings managed by the web application. This feature allows you to adjust settings directly on your drivers MESH Tracks app.

Here are the steps how to do that:

  1. First, take one Android phone or tablet with the MESH Tracks app and edit any settings that you want. We recommend you to test these settings to ensure they fit your needs.
  2. Then go to Menu / Settings / Export/Import and use the option Export settings. Tap Yes to share exported settings.
  3. Send these exported settings to your email, or use any other option that you prefer so you can download these settings to your computer.
  4. Now that you have the settings on your computer, log in to the web application on
  5. In left menu go into FLEET / App Settings.
  6. Click on Add app settings button. It will show a form to create new settings.
  7. Click on Browse and select the exported settings file from your computer.
  8. Click Import app settings. Your settings will show up in the “App settings (JSON)” below. You don’t have to do anything here.
  9. Enter a Name for these settings – this is just for your identification later so choose any name.
  10. Select drivers that you want to share these settings with or use the option “Assign app settings to all my drivers” if you want to share these settings with everyone.
  11. Click on Save and push app settings to drivers.
  12. You're done! Your settings are now being pushed to drivers. Please note that you need to have the latest MESH Tracks app as it’s not supported in older versions.

Please note that by default MESH Tracks app has app settings allowed, but, app user can turn off this under Menu / Settings / Online tracking & Synchronization. If it’s turned off then shared settings will not be applied in the app.

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