This article assumes that you already have MESH Tracks installed on your device. If you do not yet have MESH Tracks installed on your mobile device, download MESH Tracks from the Google Play Store

To use MESH Tracks on your mobile device, you need to link the device to the account your online account (typically the account your administrator provided to you). 

First time run

  • When you install the MESH Tracks app and run it for the first time it will show you welcome wizard (you can skip the welcome wizard if you wish).
  • After the welcome wizard, you will see the synchronization screen. Here you must choose to 1) SIGN IN WITH GOOGLE ACCOUNT or 2) ENTER ACCOUNT ID. If your organization does not use GSuite or Gmail, you should login with the account ID that your administrator provided you with. 
  • After you select the appropriate login method, click 'Finish'
  • The app will then ask for the following permissions: 1) Your device's location and 2) Make and manage phone calls - please accept both permissions.

Changing the account

  1. On your device, start the app
  2. Touch on the icon the looks like three bars in the MESH Tracks header.
  3. A sliding menu will appear and on top the account currently used is displayed.
  4. Touch on the Account to change it, you will be redirected to Online tracking & synchronization. Here you can choose the first option “Account for synchronization” to synchronize the app with a Google Account or the second option "Use Account ID for Syncronization" to synchronize your device with an Account ID provided by your administrator. If you want to use different account that is not available in this list you have to first add new account on your Android mobile device. 

Please notice that when changing account for synchronization the app will reset all data available in the app including recorded tracks. We therefore recommend you to to first synchronize all your recorded tracks.

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