After installing the MESH Tracks Android app, the app will request access to some resources on your device. We take privacy and security very seriously and can assure you that we only require these permissions for app features.

When an Android app needs permissions it must ask the user to get permission for the whole group. For example, if we need to save backups of recorded tracks to your phones memory the app will ask for storage permissions, where one sub-permission is to access the memory. This doesn’t mean the app will use, or steal, your media files. If you want to learn more about this you can find all the groups and details here:

Developers: Permissions overview

Here is a list of permissions we ask you to allow and why we need them:

  • LOCATION Our app is a GPS tracker, therefore we need access to the GPS location of your device.
  • PHONE, Sub: READ_PHONE_STATE The first reason we need this permission is because your phone number and IMEI can be used as filters in the web app. They are only used for filtering, and are not stored by us. The second reason is that the app needs to know if you are online, if internet connection is available.
  • CONTACTS, Sub: GET_ACCOUNTS If the app is signed-in via a Google account you have on your device, we need to be able to use it and therefore we need this permission. We don’t access any of your personal contacts.
  • STORAGE  We need access to your storage to make backups on your device. No media files, photos or anything else are accessed on your device.
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