MESH Tracks offers more than one way to create your fleet and add vehicles to your fleet. Here are the ways we recommend for managers to manage their fleets:

What is Account ID and what Google account?

Google account email is either a Gmail or Google Apps for Work (GSuite/Google Apps) email. That means if your company uses own domain with Google (GSuite/Google Apps) and all your drivers have their own Google Apps email set on their Android phones you can use the option to create a fleet with Google accounts. Your drivers can also use their own personal gmail addresses on their phones. In that case, if they provide that address to you as a company owner you can also use Google accounts.

Another option, when you don’t have or don’t want to use Google/Gsuite accounts you can use our Account IDs. Account ID is a 10 character automatically generated ID for each your driver. It’s really simple to create such driver. You can then leave the system to send that ID to your drivers email or you just provide that ID to driver. Driver then installs MESH Tracks app and on first run he choose the option to enter Account ID, enters his ID and he is ready to record tracks.

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