An Account ID is a 10 character automatically generated ID for each driver. It’s simple to create for new drivers. Once created, the system can send the Account ID to your driver's email, or you can provide the driver with the ID. The driver will then install the MESH Tracks app. When opening the app they will choose the option to enter Account ID, enter their ID and then it's ready to record tracks.

To add a new driver to your fleet:

  • Using the navigation menu on the left click FLEET. Using the drop down click Drivers and then click on +Add new driver.
  • Select Use generated Account ID option and click Next.
  • Enter the drivers name and email (optional). You will see that an Account ID is automatically generated. Under 'Vehicles' select the vehicle(s) associated with this driver. Press Save.
  • You will now see a table with all your drivers, including the one you’ve just created.
  • If you provided the drivers email the system will automatically send the driver their Account ID. If you didn't, you will need to give the driver their Account ID. The driver must now install the app. On it's first run they will choose the “Use Account ID” option, and will enter their Account ID. The driver will then tap the TURN ON RECORDING button and will now be tracked.
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