An account ID is a 10 character automatically generated ID for each driver. It’s really simple to create new drivers. The system can optionally send that Account ID to your new driver's email or you can provide that ID to driver. The driver then installs MESH Tracks app and on first run he choose the option to enter Account ID, enters his ID and he is ready to record tracks.

To add a new driver to your fleet:

  • Go to FLEET / Drivers and here click on Add new driver button.
  • Select Use generated Account ID option and click Next.
  • Enter Driver name and optionally Driver email. You can see that an Account ID is automatically generated. Now in Vehicles select the vehicle(s) you want this driver to have permission to drive. Press Save.
  • You will now see the table with your drivers and one of them is the one you’ve just created.
  • If you skipped the email notification you should now give the generated Account ID to your driver. The driver must install the app and on first run choose the “Use Account ID” option. Here they must enter provided Account ID. Now the driver should hit the TURN ON RECORDING button and is now being tracked.
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