MESH Tracks uses your mobile device, phone or tablet, as a GPS tracking unit. All tracked data, including GPS position and mileage are sent to MESH Tracks where it is securely stored. This information is sent using your existing GSM data plan (e.g. 3G, 4G/LTE) or Wi-Fi.

You can view your tracked data through the MESH Tracks Web Management console found here. You are also able to generate reports for time-tracking, payment or billing purposes and manage your fleet.


  1. Users mobile device collects GPS position and other mileage related data.
  2. All recorded data is sent as packet data (Wi-Fi, GSM, etc) from the mobile device to the MESH Tracks cloud where it is securely stored. Our unique algorithms process the data on your mobile device so the overall mobile data consumption is only 1MB per 1000km of trip recording. This makes the real-time localization faster than with a traditional GPS unit.
  3. You can access your data through PC, tablet or phone at MESH Tracks
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