Task Templates can be created for commonly created Tasks. This allows you to define common types of jobs and quickly dispatch jobs via the template wizard.

Once you have created your Task Template, it's easy to dispatch from the Task Calendar. Create a new Task from a Task Template by clicking on the Add New button on the upper right hand side.

From the Create a Task from a Template drop down, select the Task Template that you want to use and hit the Create button.

You will now be In the Create a Task from a Template Screen. Here you will need to fill in the task details, including who the Task should be assigned to, when it is due, any additional information, and location. Some of these may already be filled out depending on what was specified in the Task Template.

Once you've filled out the details and location of the Task, hit the Fields button. The Fields Screen allows you to edit any preset Form Fields specified in the Task Template before sending to the user. Any field with an asterisk (*) is required.

Once you have completed the Form Fields, you can select the Send Task to User box if you need to. By default, Tasks are created in Draft status and are not sent to users. Select this option if you want to send this Task to the  user immediately.

Click on the Create button to create the Task. Your task is now created and will appear on the Task Calendar.

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