Data Sources allow you create and maintain data sets for use in your Screens. Examples of Data Sources include, lists of choices, product catalogs or contact lists, etc. You can use them in Choices questions across any number of your Forms. Data Sources are also used as back up data for other Screen types.

For example, you may have a contacts data source which you display as a Listing type screen. This would have its own icon on your app start screen.

Data Sources save time by centralizing your data sets in one place. They automatically update changes made to Screens that the they are linked to. 

If you have technical personnel, they can update your Data Sources through integration API. This will allow integration within your existing systems. Changes to database tables or lists within your existing systems will automatically update into your mobile app.

For example, you may have a catalogue of products that you maintain in your own inventory software. By linking this to the integration API, any changes made to inventory can automatically flow to your app users in the field.

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