MESH uses folders to group screens, documents and data sources together, and to restrict permissions to mobile app users. Editing a folder's settings is standard, we'll use screens as our example.

1. Using the navigation menu on the left click Apps, and select Screens from the drop down.  

2. On the right side you will see a list of folders. Find the folder you want and click the 'cog' or 'lock' icon. This will open the 'Folder Settings' dialog.

3. You can now edit the folder's settings. You can change the folder's name, and add or remove user access restrictions. If the 'Restrict User Access' box is ticked, access permissions for the folder and its contents will be immediately enforced by the system.

4. Click 'SAVE' in the top right to save your changes. Once saved, your changes will be in effect immediately.
If access restrictions were changed, or if users or groups were added/removed from the folder, users will see it on the app after their devices next synchronization to the platform. 

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