We currently host all our cloud services in Microsoft Azure's USA East data center, with redundancies running to Azure US West.

Azure US East has served our customers world-wide very well to date, and there is plenty of capacity available as we expand.

Our testing has shown slightly higher server response times (latency) to Europe, Australia and most other countries - however this is negligible for the user cases being performed on our platform and has seen no degradation of the app user experience.

We also already receive all Azure security and certifications at our Azure US East location.

For us to add another data center (DC) hosting option will mean a duplication of costs - both in terms of servers and staff time to maintain.

At present there is no compelling organization case for us to host in more DCs.

We understand that some companies and clients have strict rules about where software and data can be hosted.

For example, a customer may have to comply with data sovereignty laws or corporate policies that requiring hosting in a specific country or data center.

If this is the case, then you should contact our Sales team to enquire about our Enterprise Server option.

This is a standalone version of our platform that can be hosted on any Windows Server and SQL Server combination, with no dependencies on our cloud service.
Multi-tenancy options are available for vendor customers who want to host multiple clients on one Server install.

We may expand into more Azure DCs in the future (and Europe would probably be top of the list), but this will only happen when a significant organization case for doing so emerges.

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