If you have questions, need assistance, or encounter an issue with our platform or apps you can easily contact our dedicated support team. Our team is manned by staff in GMT+10 and GMT+2 time zones. We provide support during regular work hours of these timezones on a 'best effort' basis (our best efforts tend to be pretty good!).

Support is provided online through our help desk service or email. If required, we are happy to schedule a webinar to resolve the issue. To log a ticket, simply click on the 'Need Help?' widget found in the bottom right of our website/ software and ask any question. This will ensure that your issue is tracked to resolution, and won't get lost in someone's inbox. We ask that you do not email our staff individually as we want the issue to be visible to our entire team in order to ensure a timely response.  If needed, you can email our support team at info@go-evo.com.

Our aim is to respond within one working day. This can be faster or slower depending on when you log the ticket and the number of support tickets we have in progress at the time.

The best practice for getting timely support from us is to:

  • Ask the question or report the issue as soon as you know about it. The sooner our team hears about the issue the sooner we can troubleshoot and respond. Don't spend too much time trying to figure it out yourself. Reach out to us, chances are we will be able to answer it fast!
  • If you're making changes to an established app, roll out your new designs/app changes early in the week. This will give everyone more work days to resolve issues if they occur.  We have found that Tuesdays are the best day for making changes.
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