One of the incredible things about MESH, is the ability to access all of your form entries with the click of your mouse.  'Data Entries' is the section of the Web Platform we like to refer to as the Digital Filing Cabinet.  Any work completed on the Mobile Platform is logged and stored here, and always available to View, Export, and/or Print.

To navigate these files, you must first find the Data Entries section.  Once you are logged into the Web Platform, move your mouse to the menu on the left hand side which will expand the list of options.  Click on Data Entries, which expands the selection to reveal three options:

  1. Feed View
  2. Table View
  3. Map View
  1. Feed View

Feed View is the easiest view to navigate between all options, and behaves much like the chronological feed of any social media account.  The most recent entries (based on your filters) will appear at the top, and continue downward.  

There are 3 different filter types:

  1. Date Filter allows the user to select a custom range, or pre-stated range of dates.  Only entries completed and uploaded in that timeframe will be visible in the feed.
  2. User Filter allows the user to select a name from the list.  Only entries completed and uploaded by that user account will be visible in the feed.
  3. Form Filter allows the user to select a form from the list.  Only entries completed and uploaded using that form (on the mobile platform) will be visible in the feed.

Once Feed View has been filtered properly, all associated entries will be visible.

There are several options for each entry, including toggling to the Map View:

And toggling to the Table View:

The View Entry selection shows all answers submitted for that particular form entry.  This form can be exported as a PDF, or printed directly from that window.

Print and Export PDF both allow the user to submit completed forms digitally, or physically to individuals that do not have access to the MESH Web Platform.

**Note:  if you would like to view entries in the Map or Table view, you must ensure the proper Form Version is selected at the top of the window**

From the Table View screen, you may also do a bulk export and print.  This is useful if you need several entries from the same form, over a specific date range.

Use the check boxes to select the entries intended to be part of the bulk export, and select Manage Data in the top right corner of the screen.

This will open a window, allowing the user to select from several options:

Please ensure that you do not accidentally Delete anything you do not wish to be removed.  

The only occasion that the Bulk Export should be used is if you require a larger number of form entries to be printed or saved directly to your hard drive.  

For further clarification please do not hesitate to reach out on our chat bubble at

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