To create a new data source, you must first navigate to the data source page on our web platform. Using the navigation menu on the left click Connected Data, and select Data Sources from the drop down. 

1. Click 'ADD NEW+' in the top right corner of the screen.

You can use the following options before creating the data source. The most commonly used will be Name, and External ID

  • Name: the main title of the data source.
  • External ID: useful for programmatically referencing that data source. It can't contain any spaces or special symbols, other than an underscore.
  • Default Sort Order: row data will automatically sort alphabetically based on the selected column. This can be changed or turned off.
  • Default Row Display: indicates how row data will appear in a form's list choice field.
  • Default User Interaction: customized interactions can be assigned when a user selects a particular row.

2. Once you have named your data source click 'CREATE+'. You will be taken to the blank data source page. Always be sure to save your work. 

From here there are two options for populating your data source:

  • Manually enter the column headers and row data
  • Import existing data from a .csv or excel file

To learn more check out the data source settings & editing article found here

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